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Tianjin Glory Tang Machinery & Equipment Co, Ltd. is a business model that integrates mechanical equipment research and development, product engineering design, processing and manufacturing, installation and commissioning and after-sales service.

The main products include: pre-spinning equipment, spinning equipment, twisting equipment, winding equipment, weaving equipment,knitting equipment, non-woven equipment, dyeing and finishing equipment, testing equipment and related textile equipment,accessories and a series of supporting products.

According to different customer needs, tailor-made to provide customers with the best quality products and services. The company has always pursued the business policy of "Quality First, Customer Supremacy, Reasonable Price, Timely Supply and Thoughtful Service".

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May. 17 2024

Unveiling the Pros and Cons of Pleating Machines in the Textile Industry

In the ever-evolving world of textile manufacturing, pleating machines have emerged as valuable tools in creating unique and intricate designs. These specialized machines offer a range of advantages and disadvantages that shape their utilization within the industry, catering to the demands of fashion and interior design markets.

Feb. 17 2024

Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages of Rapier Looms in the Textile Industry

Innovation continues to shape the textile industry, revolutionizing the way fabrics are woven. Among the advancements, rapier looms have gained considerable attention for their efficiency and versatility. These high-speed weaving machines have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, contributing to the ongoing evolution of the industry.

Feb. 10 2024

Italian textile machinery participates in Istanbul ITM

Given the global importance of Türkiye's textile and clothing industry, Türkiye is a major trading partner for textile machinery manufacturers. In terms of Italian textile machinery industry, Türkiye ranks second in the foreign market.

Feb. 03 2024

Haydn Packaging launches a new type of bidirectional slitting inspection machine

Hyden Packaging first launched the Hyden ServoTech B400HS bidirectional slitting detection machine at the 2016 India Label Exhibition, which is built on its standard unidirectional equipment.

Mar. 27 2024

Lanskroun, Czech Republic—SOMA

Lanskroun, Czech Republic—SOMA, a leading manufacturer of flexographic printing presses, plate mounters, slitter rewinders, and laminators, is delighted to announce the successful operation of its new SOMA Pluto III.2 slitter/rewinder by Walnut Packaging Inc., based in Farmingdale, NY.

Mar. 20 2024

What are the advantages of a curtain pleating machine?

The curtain pleating machine will fold the curtains into "closed" folds in a ratio of 1:2 or other ratios. Rolling them up is called rolling up, and an "air conditioning tube type" will be placed inside the roll. Curtains are made of materials such as cloth, linen, yarn, aluminum, wood, and metal.

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